Some Useful Travel Tips for Foreigners and Tourists.
Avoid carrying too much of cash while moving in the city.

Keep your wallet in an inner pocket of a jacket or shirt. Avoid keeping it in the rear pocket.

Use Always plastic money instead of carrying cash all the time as well as Possible

Keep your pocketbooks within the bend of the elbow or wrap it around if the strap is big. Always keep your pocketbooks on your lap while dinning and sitting at a common place.

Landmark-based Directions and Maps Helps You
Landmark-based driving directions, Easily locate places in the city and reach them without getting lost in the maze of roads.

Never open the doors of the hotel room without asking the identity of the person knocking the door.

It is advisable to keep all your valuables like jewelry and passport in a safe place of your hotel room.

Be conscious of your luggage and other belongings at Airports, railway Stations and Bus Terminals.

If you have a business appointment with a potential client, then you must look into the credentials of the company and the person you would be meeting. It is advisable that you meet at a common place like restaurants and cafes.

Be cautious of the pickpocket and .
Prefer traveling in a "Pre Paid Taxi Service". In pre paid service, you pay the fare in advance depending on the distance and luggage you have.

Never follow the advice of taxi or cab drivers regarding your stay and travel in the city. Always take assistance from "May I Help You" counter and other assistance cell of the government.

Avoid traveling alone at night, especially in sparsely populated localities.

Avoid mixing with unknown person and don't have faith in what they tell or inform you.

If you are a female then avoid shaking hands and mixing with general people in the crowd. As far as possible prefer wearing full trousers instead of a Capri or minis.

Guides and waiters would normally expect 10% of the total bill as a token of service.

Gatekeepers and bellboys would normally expect Rs.50 as a tip.