Delhi Climate

New Delhi, the capital of India, has a hot and humid climate for most of the season. The city climate becomes very hot during the month of June which is followed by monsoon happening somewhere after September.

Summer Season: The average temperature of New Delhi during summer ranges from 25º C to 46º C. This goes to show that Delhi summer is very cumbersome and bearing the heat is no child's play. May and June are considered to be the hottest months of the year.

Winter Season: In comparison to summer, winters are short. Winter Season starts from the end of November and continues till February-March. The cold waves from the Himalayan region makes the winters in New Delhi very chilly. Temperatures fall substantially down to as low as 3 to 4º C at the peak of winter. Winters in Delhi get really chilly with bonfires all round the streets of Delhi to beat the cold waves. Delhi is not aloof to the problems of fog and smog. In January, a dense fog envelopes the city, reducing visibility on the streets.

Monsoon (Rainy Season): The city does not witness much of rainy season. The monsoon lasts from July to September. October sees the end of the monsoon but it is reasonably pleasant.

Best Time to visit Delhi: If you are looking to visit Delhi, the best time is during October-November or February-March. During October-November, the atmosphere is little bit cool with sunny weather in mid day. February-March is the time when the nights are cool and the days filled with bright sunshine. This is the time when you can enjoy the best in Delhi.