Samode palace Rajasthan

Samode The Nathawat family of Samode served as prime ministers in Jaipur court, and their four-century-old fortified residence some 40 km from Jaipur is able to exibit the good taste learned at royal palaces in a more restrained space. The Durbar hall at Samode Palace is one of the most beautifully painted chambers in Rajasthan. Close by is the samode bagh, the garden pavelion with charming water channels and ancient trees. In Jaipur itself, the family built itself a townhouse, samode haveli. which typifies the style of architechture then in prevalance, including accessible public spaces, especially for the women of the family. The paintings at the Haveli are every bit as excellent as at the Palace, if a little less profuse. All three properties are hotels.