The Pink City Jaipur

The Pink City’ Simply because the city is colored pink! Jaipur offers myriad colors for the visitor - in the bright vibrant traditional skirts of the Rajasthani women and in the huge turbans of the men folk. And of course there are the long rows of shops selling traditional handicrafts, trinkets, silverware, the works!

The great warrior King Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II established the city in the 1720s. He was the quintessential ruler, warrior, statesman, mathematician, astronomer and architect, the last of which is quite evident in the impressive plan and layout of the old city. The broad, open lanes and rectangular road intersections are evident in the Johari (jeweler) Bazaar in the old city. Unlike many of the cramped markets elsewhere in the country, this one is different in that it is planned to enable a smooth flow of traffic. The old city is also host to a number of other markets like Bapu Bazaar, Tripolia, and Chandpol Bazaar. Here you can buy cotton fabrics, camel skin jutties (slippers with the unique upturned toes) and ittars (traditional perfume).