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Kishangarh, located on National Highway 8, was the capital of a princely state ruled by the Rathors. During the brief span of twenty years between 1737 and 1757, Kishangarh art was at its zenith. Crown prince Savant Singh (1699-1764) was a guiding force behind the strong devotional fervor at the court and rejuvenation of paintings suffused with the spiritual yearning of a soul in quest of the Lord. With Savant Singh, however, bhakti became an increasing obsession until he became completely indifferent to his princely status. He wrote devotional poetry under the name of Nagari Das, making Krishna his hero. The main attractions in Kishangarh are its Fort and Phool Mahal (Flower Palace), now converted into a hotel. The town is a rich storehouse of marbles.

Since the 18th century , Kishangarh has had one of India's most famous schools of miniature painting., Among its renowned paintings that of Krishna's consorts, Radha, depicted as a beautiful woman with enchanting almond - shaped eyes. Kishangarh is also famous for painted wooded furniture.