Bairat Tomb Travel Big India
Bairat is located on Alwar Jaipur highway - about 66 kms. from Jaipur and 40 kms. from Alwar town. The site has got two inscriptions of Mauryan king Ashoka, one on an isolated boulder and other on a hill also known as Bijak – ki – Pahari. A roughly flagged ramp takes you to the top of this hill. One of the inscription is addressed to the Buddhist community. The Buddhist remains are located on the two terraces on the Bijak – ki – pahari, the upper terrace with a brick masonry and the lower one with a brick sanctuary. The sanctuary is a circular stupa with a door in the east, enclosing another circular wall of wedge - shaped bricks. The intervening space serves as a procession path of circumlocutory passage.

The upper terrace of the hill is approached by a broad staircase and has dilapidated monastery. There were evidences that monastery continued from Mauryan period till early Christian era with discovery of 36 silver punch marked Greek and Indo – Greek coins from the monastery.

The Bairat was flourishing Buddhist centre during the 4th and 3rd century B.C. under the Mauryan king Ashoka which was attested by his two inscription fragments. One or more pillars of Ashoka in Chunar sandstone and a polished stone umbrella of Mauryan craftsmanship were found in the debris. The site remained in occupation till early centuries of the Christian era and after a break, in medieval period.